Warehousing Features

Our clients benefit by only paying for the amount of space, labor and equipment they use, with access to additional resources as their business requirements fluctuate. The net effect is lower overall cost and increased flexibility.

E2E strategic warehousing locations combined with best in class design tools, processes and systems ensure cost-efficient distribution solutions

Warehousing services:

  • Inventory management and control
  • Order processing, inbound and outbound  
  • Port management with 100% loading for export container and on time delivery for import containers.
  • Analyze Vendor/carrier performance and pass information flow to client.  
  • Arrange Consolidation plan for minimizing the cost.


CFS NAME CFS Handling Capacity( In SQFT) Distance to Port Truck Hours ELL Capacity ( In SQFT)
SAFI MATORS 1,20,000 7 KM 60 min 7,000
ESHAK BROTHERS 5,00,000 2 KM 45 Min 12,000
NEMSEN CONTAINER LTD 20,000 2 KM 1.5 Hours 5,000
INCON TRADE LTD 2,50,000 08 KM 30 MIN 12000
K&T LOGISTICS LTD 85,000 1.5 KM 60 MIN 10,000
NOTES : Our Capacity Can be extended where required.